Aura MIRACLE LINES journaling cards | card deck


Hi, what makes you happy today?

All those small decisions, habits, and thoughts you do and have daily a huge impact on your whole life. Aura notebook Miracle Lines journaling cards were created to improve and fasten your personal process of growth.

The name Miracle Lines comes from the lines printed below of every question. The magic happens between them. It’s in what you put in there. Whether it is three of your main goals of this week or things that you feel grateful for.

  • size of the cards 63mm x 88mm
  • size of the box (70mm x 90mm x 25mm)
  • pack includes 30 cards with quotes and questions + one card with compact instructions
  • ombré colored cards are printed in high-quality 26gsm paper and are soft-touch laminated
  • ombré colored box is soft-touch laminated from the outside too

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MIRACLE LINES | Gradient-colored journaling card pack with questions, motivational quotes, and lines to fulfill.

Published and distributed by Last Tuesday Ltd.

Aura notebook Miracle Lines journaling cards | card deck


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