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Aura notebook
Aura notebook
Aura notebook

HOLISTIC BULLET JOURNAL NOTEBOOKS with gradient colored pages & colored dot grid

All Aura notebooks are holistic combinations of a bullet journal, an inspiration book, a diary, and a traditional journal.

Born from the urge to have a tool that actually invokes a new kind of thinking and boosts your creativity.

Designed to challenge you to shift your mindset and to find new ways to improve your life and take control of it in a beautiful and inspiring way.

All our products are designed by creative agency Last Tuesday Ltd which is known about their bold approach to design and holistic attitude towards everything they do.

Use dotted Aura notebooks as bullet journals or let your imagination fly and do whatever is calling you most today.

All Aura notebooks have a 4 mm gradient-colored dot grid and gradient-colored pages. Page size varies from tiny A6 to larger A5.

Aura Notebook Original A5

Aura notebook

Aura Notebook Monochrome A5

Aura notebook

Aura Notebook Elements A6

Aura notebook

Besides notebooks, we have created various other magical & holistic products to enhance your sacred everyday life.

Gradient colored journaling card pack with questions, motivational quotes and lines to fulfill

Aura notebook


Ethereal gradient posters to make any space divine

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