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Aura notebook

AURA NOTEBOOKS – The world's first and only notebooks where every page has a unique gradient and gradient colored dot grid.

AURA NOTEBOOKS – The world’s first and only notebooks where every page has a unique gradient and gradient colored dot grid

All Aura notebooks are holistic combinations of a bullet journal, an inspiration book, a diary, and a traditional journal.

By creatives – for creatives.

Born from the urge to have a tool that actually invokes a new kind of thinking and boosts your creativity.

Designed to challenge you to shift your mindset and to find new ways to improve your life and take control of it in a beautiful and inspiring way.

Unleash your creativity and let the unique gradient color of every single page guide you to the whole new level of journaling and sketching.

Which one of Aura notebooks will you fall in love with?

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Aura Notebook Original A5

Aura Notebook Monochrome A5

Aura Notebook Elements A6


Gradient colored journaling card pack with questions, motivational quotes and lines to fulfill


Created for creatives
– by creatives

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🦄 Perfect pastel colored notebook for your unicorn era! 🦄 144 pages full of changing pastel gradients and subtle, gradient-colored pastel dot grid. Can notebook even BE more unicornish than this?! Nope!

These pages are ready to take you to the next level both on your creativity and your dream life. Always be yourself unless you can be unicorn, then be unicorn! 🦄

Aura notebook — Unleash your creativity

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The world is not changed by doing what others do, but by believing in things that aren`t yet true. To create something new, you have to dare to imagine things that don`t yet exist and that no one else believes in but you.

This is at the heart of all truly new innovations, brands, and products. You must dare to look beyond the present moment to design things that genuinely change the world and are different from everything else. And from the very first steps, you must believe in what you`re doing no matter what comes your way. Because if you don`t believe in it, no one else will either.

We followed our path and created Aura notebooks. The world`s first and only notebook series where each page features a different gradient as well as gradient dot grid.

With Aura, you don`t need to know how to draw to be creative. The gradient-colored pages serve as a base and inspiration for your own, unique touch. Even super minimalist designs come to life in a whole new way on these colorful gradient pages.

There are four different A5-sized Aura notebooks, each in its own color scheme, and every page in each notebook has a different color. Each one is a labor of love and passion into which we`ve poured everything we`ve learned from over 20 years in visual design and product development.

The Aura notebook Northern Lights, inspired by the magical aurora borealis, was just awarded the international design prize, the Red Dot Award. What a proof of the fact that believing in oneself and one`s own thing really matters!!! 🤘🖤

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Unlock your creativity effortlessly—no artistic experience required! Whether you’re not confident in your drawing skills or you don’t consider yourself a professional artist, our notebooks are designed to inspire and facilitate beautiful, mesmerizing creations. Each page features a unique gradient, providing a soothing backdrop that encourages you to simply relax and let your ideas flow. 🪐💜

Feel free to write, draw, paint, or collage—follow whatever sparks your imagination today. With the enchanting colored pages of an Aura Notebook, creativity comes naturally, transforming every entry into a work of art. Rediscover the joy of creating and explore the endless possibilities that await within the pages of your notebook.

Aura Notebooks are available in four distinct color schemes. The Aura Original features a collection of various shades of pink and violet, with a hint of blue, reminiscent of a morning sky. As the name suggests, Aura Monochrome is black and white, with its gradients in elegant shades of gray. Aura Unicorn charms with its delightful, soft pastel tones, while Aura Northern Lights offers a darker palette, drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing northern lights and the magic of the north. Each palette is designed to inspire creativity and appeal to your unique aesthetic sense.

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Inspired by mystical northern lights, created for you. Aura Notebook Northern Lights is new kind of notebook which has unique, different gradient color on every single page.

Thick, matte quality paper is perfect match with all of your favourite pens, inks, paints and markers.

Unleash your creativity and let the magic of north guide you! 💜💚🖤

Aura Notebooks 🪐 For creatives – By creatives

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Aura notebook
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